Favorite Book Quotes

Make Me

โ€œIโ€™m not sure if Target knows this, but thereโ€™s a whole demographic of women who want to wear shorts that donโ€™t show off their twat.โ€  

Make Me by Lani Lynn Vale

Found in Bliss

"Thank you, god, for sending me down this rabbit hole. I promise to be the best Alice ever."

Lexi Blake as Sophie Oak, Found in Bliss

Boarlander Boss Bear

โ€œEveryoneโ€™s been through a lot, Harrison. Life is hard, and sometimes it sucks, but you were the one who told me it was admirable that I saw a life I wanted and went after it.โ€ She tucked a flyaway lock of hair behind her ear and softened her voice. โ€œGo after the life you want.โ€

T.S. Joyce, Boarlander Boss Bear

Ice Planet

โ€œAnd then I want to weep. To think I havenโ€™t dressed properly for alien abduction.โ€

Ruby Dixon, Ice Planet Barbarians

Feral Sins

โ€œWouldnโ€™t you like to slip into something more comfortable though? Perhaps a coma?โ€

Suzanne Wright, Feral Sins

Justice for Erin

โ€œscars are tattoos with better stories.โ€

Susan Stoker, Justice for Erin

Savage Urges

โ€œTao sidled up to Ryan as they approached the buffet. โ€œQuick question,โ€ the Head Enforcer asked quietly. โ€œWhat would happen if I asked Makenna out?โ€ With a calm he didnโ€™t feel, Ryan said, โ€œIโ€™d rip out your throat before the last word escaped your mouth.โ€ Tao nodded. โ€œThought so.โ€

Suzanne Wright, Savage Urges