1. There’s tons of sites where you can download free books. I sometimes just type free books on amazon, there’s also freestufftimes. Personally, I love the library best!

  2. The program (app) that I have on my iPad called LIBBY has almost any book you could want, including the new releases. You can read in either Libby or Kindle. I also check out a couple websites that give daily posts with free or cheap e-books

  3. this is such a cool and helpful post, especially during quarentine! i most of the times download free ebooks on amazon, or (as much as i dont like doing this as i’d rather support writers) try to find free books on z library!

  4. good post! i’ve been looking for free ebooks on amazon since i’m in quarantine and trying to save some money. thanks for the tips!

  5. A few ways are to join ARC sites such as netgalley, Hidden Gem Books and Book Sprouts. Another way is to look for free books on Amazon.

  6. I like to get books from the library for free. Also you can sometimes find folks on Craigslist who will trade books for free.

  7. Thanks for the tips. I’m a library person but I am getting in to blogs and new letters to see when they have e reader discounts.

  8. I just go to my library lol. It’s very small, but it has all the new releases. I also enter giveaways for books.

  9. For me it’s Library, Library, Library. The last 3 months it’s been lots of ebooks from the library. Easy to use and FREEEEEE.

  10. Great ideas! I love going to the library! I’ve found that authors will sometimes have free or discounted ebooks for fans who subscribe to their newsletters.

  11. Excellent tips! I used to go to the public library a few times a month when I was a kid. I love perusing the library, but these days i don’t have much time to do that so Kindle Unlimited is a great option for me.

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