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  1. Thank you for the update. Computer issues are the worst hang in there. I love your blog so much and enjoy reading your reviews, I read them daily.

  2. Wise decision to use generic photos where they don’t really add to the post.
    Book covers, of course. Author pics, sure. But other than that who will notice.

      1. I appreciate the update and why’s. I am one that wouldn’t notice probably but still appreciate you taking the time to explain your situation. I agree with you on doing what is best for you and your timeline.

  3. Take it easy and do what you can when you can. I find that I need to make a list when I have something overwhelming to do and I break it into small, medium & large tasks so I can at least do one thing a day no matter how small it is. I love your reviews & blogs.

  4. Those of us who really read your blog don’t even need photos. They are a nice addition to products and books, but aren’t always needed. I work in the field of blindness as a braille transcriber and can say, if text is written well, you don’t miss the rest. Sometimes it’s ok to just let it go!

  5. Hey! I’m happy that you’re putting effort in making your website the way you want it to look like! And I’m happy for all your changes as well!
    Lots of success with the new review format, new images, and new you!

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