A Moment of Faith by Martin Svaneborg - Storied Conversation


  1. Kierkegaard is one of my favorites, so I am really interested in reading this book. Thank you for sharing about it!

  2. A Moment of Faith sounds like an interesting and thrilling historical read! Thanks for sharing your review and have a magical week!

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful review of this book, it sounds like an excellent read and I will be adding this and the other titles from the series to my TBR

  4. I love that the author, Martin Svaneborg, has such a varied background touching on a lot of subjects. I think that would make for a deeper book. I’m interested in reading this.

  5. Martin Svaneborg is a new author to me, but I love being introduced to them. I will certainly
    give this book a read. Thanks to this blog for doing that.

  6. This book really does sound super good and one I would really enjoy reading. I also think the cover is nice.

  7. This sounds very intriguing and definitely one that will be filled with romance! Thanks for the review!!

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