Chalk Dirty to Me by Lani Lynn Vale - Storied Conversation


  1. Thank you for your honest opinion! I love Lani Lynn Vale’s books and I’m super happy that some of them will be published in my country!

  2. I would love to read this one this fall season it sounds like one I could really get into reading thanks for sharing.

  3. This sounds like one I would enjoy a lot. I do get a lot from your reviews. You describe the book, what brought us here snd where it’s going to keep us informed, which I need. Thanks for another great review.

  4. Clever title, but also this sounds like a rollercoaster of a read! Cannel sounds like a strong and brave heroine. I’d love to read and see how her story pans out.

  5. I’m intrigued! I love when one sees only black and white, until they realize it’s actually not always like that!

  6. I really enjoyed your review. The synopsis for this book really caught my attention. It sounds so interesting and I bet there is a lot of emotion in this one. I also love that you included a family tree at the bottom of the review that includes other books with these characters!

  7. This one sounds like a thrilling read and I am adding this one to my Chrismtas wish list! Thanks for sharing it and your great review! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  8. This sounds like a book that I wouldn’t put down till I’d read it in it’s entirety! I’m very interested to see how Cannel is able to make Will see that everything is not always black & white. Thank you for your review.

  9. This sounds like an exciting book and series, a must read for me. Thank you for posting your review and the author’s bio and book details

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