1. How sexy is this, great looking cover and I’m pretty sure I have read a book of hers already. and am following her
    on facebook also.

  2. I really like the synopsis!— The buy link is open in another tab. 🙂
    I apologize in advance for this, but I can’t resist sharing this (off-topic) Dad Joke that I recalled upon seeing the author’s name. (I’m so sorry!) I’ll terrible at (re-)telling jokes, but will do my best. (I think that this is something that actually happened, with the same middle name, if I remember correctly.)

    Everyone was gathered in the backyard for my sister’s baby shower. She and her husband announced that they would like to share what they’d decided to name the baby. My sister stepped forward and said, “Her name is Alexis Noelle.” Everyone was quiet for a moment, and there were smiles and nods of approval all around. Then suddenly I heard my dad’s voice: “How the hell are you gonna spell ‘Alexis’ with no ‘L’?”
    Hehehe. 😛

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