1. Jesus Christ on a cracker, I love your review! This book sounds so, so enjoyable. I haven’t read a series in a long time, and this looks like one that I might just be starting soon.

  2. When a woman mentions what she likes in the potential mate is considered a privilege for the opposite sex to display the same. Women are better at the chase then a man will ever be even if he would be a homosexual. Women enjoy romance and sex more than men. It was such 50 years ago and it is the same today.

    1. I am not particularly fond of the title but that wouldn’t deter me from reading what sounds like an extremely fascinating read. A good mix of characters usually help me stay entertained. Love your review as usual.

  3. I really do love a story about a second chance at love… especially when it comes from unexpected situations. Great review of my kind of story!

  4. This sounds like a book populated by interesting characters. I like that kind of book! I’ll look for this series.

  5. This book sounds like a good fit for the kind of romance reading I am into right now….I’ve noticed that I don’t always want to read the same types. I appreciate that your review is detailed enough that I can tell I will enjoy the book, but not so detailed that I think “well, I guess I don’t really need to read this, she already told me everything.” Ha!

  6. Your review really makes me interested in reading this book. Not to mention I get to look at this cover more!

  7. Crazy Heifer sounds like a yummy cowboy book for me to read! Thanks for sharing your review and have a fantastic week!

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