1. I dont have a favorite from the authors, but M.C. Beaton sounds wonderful! Death of the Green Eyed Monster caught my eye

  2. Can’t pick just one book but Bear Bottom Guardians MC, Souls Chapel Revenants MC and Battle Crows MC series were simply amazing.

  3. Outlander was an amazing book I loved it so much I have still not watched the show afraid it will not live up to the book.

  4. I don’t have a favorite book from any of these authors as of yet but I have read so many of your reviews of Lani Lynn Vale’s stories over the years that most of her books are on my kindle and or TBR pile and I plan to read at least some of them this year. I love the Outlander TV series and would love to read the books that inspired it. M.C. Beaton is a new author to me but I enjoy reading a good mystery from time to time and I hope to check out some of the featured stories as well

  5. I would love to read Outlander, I haven’t watched the show yet but I love reading a book and then watching the series

  6. Diana Gabaldon’s books interest me – because I love the Outlander series on tv! Would love to read that series and others by her as well!

  7. Definitely anything Outlander, I love the show and I’m currently listening to the audiobook and it is amazing, I love it! Now I want to read the whole series.

  8. The Outlander series has been on my “to read” list for awhile. M.C. Beaton looks interesting and I may have to investigate those at a later date.

  9. I haven’t read of other books before. Any of the M. C. Beaton’s books sounds interesting as I enjoy reading mysteries.

  10. I was intrigued by the bio of M.C. Beaton so I am definitely going to check out her books! Looking forward to getting to know Agatha Raisin.

  11. I know it may be a common answer but I truly loved Outlander! I’m one of the few who enjoy it when books get made into movies or tv shows! Getting to see it come to life, even just loosely is wonderful!

  12. I don’t have a favorite author, but Diana Gabaldon’s books definitely interest me. I’d start with “Don’t Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.”

  13. I haven’t read any of these books (yet!), so thank you for highlighting them! I think Our Lady Of Pain sounds like a book I would be interested in reading. =)

  14. I’m not sure to call anyone as a favorite writer but this year I’m committing to read the whole Outlander series and on #2 right now.

  15. Wow, I didn’t know that Diana Gabaldon had a degree in Marine Biology (I do also). I’ve seen the outlander tv show, but haven’t read the books. Need to read the books cause tv shows always change stuff and don’t include things from the books.

  16. Honestly, I never read the book, but love the series. So I would have to say that if I could take the chance to read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, it probably be wonderful! I enjoy the show so much and hope they keep bringing more of this historical-style drama. It sounds like the book would also be marvelous.

  17. I’m interested in a book by Diana Gabaldon. I like how her books fall under different genres, that intrigues me.

  18. Outlander was really good. My sister had the the series of books by Diana Gabaldon packed in a box for me but they were accidentally given away when she moved. Would love to read A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Thanks for the chance!

  19. I haven’t read any books by these authors yet, but The Outlander and The Quiche of Death look interesting!

  20. I haven’t read any books by these authors yet, but The Outlander and The Quiche of Death both look interesting!

  21. I haven’t read any books by these authors yet, but The Outlander and The Quiche of Death both look interesting! I’d like to read those next.

  22. I don’ t have favorites, but based on the info I thought that “Never Trust the Living Sounds” would be a good one to read.

  23. Sadly, I haven’t read any of them yet, but I’d first like to read Outlander and Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. 🙂

  24. Death of a Green Eyed Monster sounds great, ok.. I just really love the color and the cat! These all sound like such great reads!

  25. I’ve never heard of these authors but Hissy Fit looks like a great book I’d love to read because I love sports romances!

  26. I have Outlander on my to watch list. Most of the time, I will read the book before watching, and this really looks good. Going to read this one during winter and start the series in the spring.

  27. I haven’t read any of Diana Gabaldon’s books, but I’ve watched all of the Outlander episodes.

    M.C. Beaton sounds like an author I would enjoy reading.

  28. I know wee bit about Outlander and think I’d like to give it a try… definitely sounds interesting and a lil spicy!

  29. I have put reading to the side for a few months. One of my goals is to read more this year. I am ready to make reading a priority again. The one book that caught my eye was Quiche of Death. It sounds interesting.

  30. I really enjoyed this and look forward to February’s three authors in your spotlight. I think this month, I may check out Diane Gabaldon. I have been meaning to see who the author of Outlander is!

  31. I read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon when it originally came out in 1991 – and was even lucky enough to meet her!

  32. I tend to read biographies or quirky historical books (like Agent Zigzag: A True Story of Nazi Espionage, Love, ….) Right now I have a stack of books to catch up on as I fell off the reading bandwagon last year

  33. I like time travel and history novels so A Breath Of Snow And Ashes sounds like something I would want to read.

  34. I dont have a favorite from these authors but I’d be very interested to read Devil’s Delight by M.C. Beaton

  35. Haven’t read any of these, and none really catches my attention. Not the type of genres I’m interested in.

  36. I’ve been meaning to read Diana Gabaldon but haven’t had the time yet. I would start with A Breath of Snow and Ashes

  37. I have always loved Agatha Raisin mysteries by MC Beaton. I have not read the newest ones since she passed. I would love to check them out.

  38. I haven’t read any of them, so a good project for the new year! Going to start with Death of a Green-Eyed Monster.

  39. No favorites here, but these all look great. Especially interested in Diana G’s works. Will definitely be giving them a read.

  40. Outlander is the only one I’ve read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I’d love to read any other of hers. Breath of snow and ashes sounds intriguing. I wouldn’t mind reading it.

  41. I’ve read several Agatha Raisins, and a Christmas Hamish. I’ve enjoyed this author so far (as I think her books in my TBR pile attests to 😉 ).

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  42. I’d say M C Beaton. I also enjoyed the Hamish tv show, and several of her series have sounded so good when I’ve shopped for them for my mom 😉 .

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