1. Dark Witch looks good! It has been a very long time since I’ve read a Nora Roberts book! She has a ton of books to choose from.

  2. It’s impossible to pick one specific book from Nora Roberts. I’ve read them all, as I’m an avid fan. I especially like the series she rights (In Death) as J D Robb. How someone can carry a series for 50+ books and still keep the freshness is amazing to me!

  3. I haven’t read anything by her yet. I have been meaning to. I’m definitelyt goi9ng to get to one of her books this summer.

  4. I don’t own a book of Nora Roberts yet however I will soon, once I get a book of hers I would be getting Shelter in place that one seems very interesting. Thank you so much for the chance to be entered in this giveaway! Have a great day!

  5. I am a mega Nora Roberts fan I mean mega fan! I have read so many of her books I can’t even remember them all and don’t really have a favorite they are all so good. I do want to read Shelter in Place that one sounds super good.

  6. The Obsession has caught my eye – a character having to be coaxed out of their shell appeals to me on a personal level.

  7. Ive read The Liar so far its the only one so guess its my favorite but loved it so hope to read more of hers.

  8. I’m not sure if I’ve ever read anything by Nora Roberts, but I do know I have LOTS of her titles on my wishlist. I’m preferential to paranormal romance but I’ll read just about anything as long as it’s fiction! I really want to read Dark Witch, the first book in the Cousins O’Dwyre trilogy. I LOVE witch stories <3

  9. My favourite book from Nora Roberts is The Witness. I haven’t read a Nora Roberts book in a while, but I think Blood Brothers would be my pick!

  10. I don’t have a favorite Nora Roberts book already, but Dark Witch sounds like it would be a great read!

  11. Everyone loves Nora Roberts…I do believe that. Her favorite book of mine is “Dance Upon the Air” (Three Sisters Island Trilogy). I’ve read it twice.

  12. I have read several of Nora Roberts book but I cannot think of one of the titles.
    She is a wonderful author.

  13. I’ve read a whole bunch of her books over the years. Couldn’t tell you my favorite.
    Thanks for the contest.

  14. The Dark Witch sounds like an interesting read. She has so many wonderful books that it is hard to choose just one.

  15. Every time I see the picture on the tweet I want to go: Oh, look it’s a typewriter! I know what that is….

  16. I have read a large number of Nora Roberts books and have enjoyed them a lot. She is on my list of favorite authors. I can’t remember titles to save my life. I keep a list of books I’ve read in an excell file and reference it often for different reasons. Great author to spotlight.

  17. I absolutely love Nora Roberts! She is one of those authors that very rarely disappoints. I love reading your reviews..thanks for sharing!

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