1. Sounds like a juicy scandal to me &:one I would definitely want to read. A jilted bride, a sexy, should be off limits man, because of the broken friendship between Beckett & Chole’s brother. All these tidbits mentioned make me want to get to the heart of their story! Thank you for your review.

  1. I do like romance and could definitely enjoy this one. Can’t wait to find out why he is the brothers ex best friend.

  2. This definitely sounds like one I would enjoy. The fact that it was a book club pick of Kelly Rippa also makes it even more interesting. Then that you were, “scandalized in the best possible way” makes this a book I will be reading in the very near future. Thanks for another good review.

  3. Sounds like a nice read! I think sometimes we just get so involved in new authors that we fotgot about the ones we already know and love!

  4. I think I would definitley give in to doing something crazy, this book sounds great! Thanks for sharing your review and have a magical holiday season!

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