1. The biker romance stories seem to have become a thing, lol. It does sound like a couple of good characters in this one.

  2. I love this concept for a series… and I LOVE this book’s title! That alone is enough to make me look twice at this one. Five stars for this post/review! 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing! Sounds like it has some interesting characters. The title certainly got my attention

  4. I would read this book based off the title itself, but I’ve added it to my to-read list after reading about it. It sounds awesome!

  5. I love the cover! The green title sticks out. This looks like a good read…I love angst between the two main characters!

  6. I love “enemies to lovers” trope. Looking for something to read on lockdown. This looks really interesting.

  7. I love biker romances. Although I am not a big fan of Lani, I will try this book based on your review!

  8. Maybe Swearing Will Help sounds like another book added to my list to me! Thanks for sharing your review with me and have a sunshiny day!

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