1. I’ve not read any books by CJ Daniels. I like Where I Belong. A book that has enemies-to-lovers is good in my book.

  2. I am not familiar with Chloe Wren’s books. I would start with her book “Fireworks” because it’s set around New Year’s Eve and I like holiday themed books to read around the holidays. Also, the cover looked interesting.

  3. I have yet to read a Khole Wren book. As for this awesome list of books, I am particularly Intrigued by Where I Belong! I like that there are so many twists/coincidences with the characters.

  4. J Daniels is a new to me author, but the ones shown here sounds like I’ve been missing out! Thanks for sharing them! Congrats to the author, the books sound great and I like the covers!

  5. Where I Belong sounds so cute! I love when characters have history. It doesn’t hurt that Ben is a single dad and a hot cop!

  6. Where I belong. I had that friend that was horrible to me! I have no idea where he is now I am sure he is happily married. And probably not cute or anything but I love the story line!

  7. I love this part of your blog. Sometimes I’m indecisive on which book to choose for my next read. This helps a lot

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