Favorite Book Quotes

Make Me

“I’m not sure if Target knows this, but there’s a whole demographic of women who want to wear shorts that don’t show off their twat.”  

Make Me by Lani Lynn Vale

Found in Bliss

"Thank you, god, for sending me down this rabbit hole. I promise to be the best Alice ever."

Lexi Blake as Sophie Oak, Found in Bliss

Boarlander Boss Bear

“Everyone’s been through a lot, Harrison. Life is hard, and sometimes it sucks, but you were the one who told me it was admirable that I saw a life I wanted and went after it.” She tucked a flyaway lock of hair behind her ear and softened her voice. “Go after the life you want.”

T.S. Joyce, Boarlander Boss Bear

Ice Planet

“And then I want to weep. To think I haven’t dressed properly for alien abduction.”

Ruby Dixon, Ice Planet Barbarians

Feral Sins

“Wouldn’t you like to slip into something more comfortable though? Perhaps a coma?”

Suzanne Wright, Feral Sins

Justice for Erin

“scars are tattoos with better stories.”

Susan Stoker, Justice for Erin

Savage Urges

“Tao sidled up to Ryan as they approached the buffet. “Quick question,” the Head Enforcer asked quietly. “What would happen if I asked Makenna out?” With a calm he didn’t feel, Ryan said, “I’d rip out your throat before the last word escaped your mouth.” Tao nodded. “Thought so.”

Suzanne Wright, Savage Urges