Sidebar or No


  1. Good morning, Rita, I hope that the day finds you well. I absolutely love your sidebar and you do a great job with it! Your Welcome intro, Newsletter signup, the search option, current and upcoming book releases and of course the current and upcoming giveaways are just the things that everyone visiting your blog should see and if there are product or affiliate links that you’d like to share there as well, that would be awesome! Many blogs that I visit do this through pop-ups which is truly annoying when I am trying to read a post or read a review or enter a giveaway. Of course I understand and support a Blogger’s need to generate income to support their site but sharing those sources that pop=up at the top, side or bottom of a post that I am trying to read only frustrates me whereas sharing all of those things in the sidebar means that I can scroll at my leisure and click on anything that interests me or is relevant to my needs. I love your Blog just the way it is and want you to know that it is one of my favorite blogs because of the way that you have formatted it.

  2. I like having the sidebar, one because it helps me keep up with the giveaways,, but I also like seeing what you are reading and for little things like that why would you want to write an entire post~ So my vote is keep it!

  3. I like the sidebar. You don’t have to scroll all the way to the top to navigate to a different page. There are things that peak my interest and I click on it quickly through the side bar.

  4. I used to keep up with the giveaways through the sidebar, but I’ve been going through the monthly email for them recently. So I don’t mind either way.

  5. I like the sidebar. It’s an easy way to see what giveaways that are going on. I love the big graphics for the giveaways too.

  6. I like the sidebar. It is easier to find things instead of trying to hunt them down behind tabs.

  7. Personally I love the sidebar. I hate having to search blogs for links to the content I want to read. The ones with a sidebar, like yours, keep me coming back because of the ease of use. I find myself not visiting the blogs that take too much work to find the latest posts.

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