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Romance books are my favorite genre to read but in truth if I am interested in it I will read just about anything. That doesn’t always mean the newest or most popular books either.

I learned at a very early age just how much I love romance and all of the hope, drama, and wickedness that can come along with it. While life can be nothing like a romance novel it is so much fun getting lost within the pages of one.

I write about that crazy household and the products we love over at Rita Reviews. I decided early on in 2018 that I needed an outlet to write more about the books I read (like 30 a month), the journey I was taking to get fit, and more. I discovered that my readers loved those posts but they were getting lost at Rita Reviews. So, I began toying with the idea of a new blog. I started that new blog and then felt like I was doing my love of books and reading an injustice. I needed to change things up so I decided to rebrand and focus solely on books and reading on the blog.

That led me to Wickedly Romance which was more than a little successful. The problem was I had boxed myself into romance and mystery only. There was no room for all of the other books I wanted to read and enjoy. That led me to Storied Conversation, the place where my love of books has room to grow. I will admit making the change was more than a little bittersweet but one that I know is the right one for us all.

Lani Lynn Vale

Favorite Romance Author

Miss Marple

Favorite Amatuer Decetive

Ian Taggert

Favorite Dom

Lore Olympus

Favorite webtoon
purplewitch (1)

I will read just about anything and my love of books knows few boundaries

Horror is the one genre that I will rarely, if ever read. There is something about it that turns me off. Although there are a few authors that I will read in that genre.

If you think I may like your book feel free to reach out. You never know until you ask.