1. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a book family that I love.. I am sure there are lots, but I’ve got nothing right now – lol! Thank you for all of your awesome book posts! I love reading them 🙂

  2. as a kid i wanted to be one of the march sisters from little women because even though they had alot of tragedy thye were so close

  3. I want to be part of the Ferraro family from Christine Feehan’s shadow series. How cool to be able to move in the shadows and be part of a family that watches out for each other.

  4. How about I just say that MY family could be in a book series and I love being a part of my family haha. So many stories we have! the Kellys seem like a pretty awesome family too!

  5. I would like to be a part of the Lestat-Louis-Claudia-Madeleine group (from Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles”) if they all managed to survive.

  6. Oh yes! The Kellys by Maya Banks are top of my list too! 😀
    Also, the Hathaways by Lisa Kleypas. One of my favorite series ever! 🙂

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