1. I haven’t read a Maya Banks book in a while. I hope the other books in the series are better.

    1. Suspense & romance combined, sounds like my idea of a good book. You’ve got me wanting to see if Rachel’s memories fully return & how she & Ethan can work through their past. Thank you for your review.

  2. This looks good! I feel like I’ve read another title of hers before but I can’t put my finger on which one! It’s been over 10 years though so maybe that’s why, lol. This one is definitely going on my want list!

  3. I plan on reading this. I love this genre in a story. I really love Maya’s book, “Slow Burn ” series. ‘

  4. Not sure if I’ll try this one. Not a huge fan of the come back from the supposed dead genre.

  5. I love a good romantic suspense read and this book sounds excellent. Thank you for sharing your review and The book details

  6. I love this series and I have them all but the very last one, I really need to get that! Thanks for shairng your review and have a magical holiday season!

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