1. I am hoping to read 10 books this month and catch up on a couple of new releases i missed due to migraines last month.

  2. I am in the process of re-reading JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series and I am looing forward to reading Nalini Singh’s Storm Echo and I am trying to read at least one new book that’s on my TBR a week…we’ll see how that goes! Have a great month full of books!

  3. I am really hoping to find the time to read some to the books that I have here that I have not read yet.

  4. I’m reading through Stephen King’s backlist, and I’m on IT right now. Hoping to finish that up this month and move on to Cell.

  5. I recently purchased the Home to Clare Harbor boxset and I am looking forward to reading those stories, after that I will see what catches my interest as I read almost every genre

  6. This month I hope to read more, took a much needed vacation and read 2 books, really need to get more into them..

  7. My reading plans and goals have gone wayyy down since having kids. My aim is for one book a month. I think I’ll come up a little shy this month, but that’s ok. I’m currently about halfway through a book called fight night.

  8. My plans, like always is to read every day. I usually just see what’s available on Kindle Unlimited or at my local library.
    Thanks for the contest.

  9. I’m having a hard time reading because of chronic illness, but I grabbed some CS Lewis audiobooks to try along with “Winning The War in Your Mind” by Craig Groeschel. Nonfiction is my current bent, though I’m usually a fantasy reader.

  10. I started a new book about 3 months ago and its still sitting on the coffee table. Never made it past chapter 1. Gonna try to finish it before fall.

  11. Ive been struggling with my reading due to stress in my personal life; im trying to get back into focusing on it

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