1. I enjoy cookbooks that include stories to go along with the recipes. I have so many of my grandma’s old recipes that I treasure, and the stories are what make them all special.

  2. I used to bake all the time but somehow lost my way. This sounds like a great book to inspire me to get back to it. Bonus: my Dad loves almost any type of pie and since it’s hard getting him to eat these days maybe I could bribe him with pie!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful book. The cover drew me in immediately! I like that it has both recipes and a story to go along with them.

  4. I really enjoy cookbooks and this sounds like a good one. I especially like that there are stories as well as recipes.

  5. “Pie Lady moments”— those sound so…. well, they sound Just Right to me. ❤️
    …And despite my being pretty solidly on Team Frosting (😛), I would love to welcome this book into my home.

  6. This is my kind of cookbook. I love snuggling up with a good cookbook that has some story with the recipes, while the winds howl outside and we’re all warm and cozy!

  7. I think I’d really enjoy this book. I love finding new recipes, and the stories would be an added bonus.

  8. The cover of this book is beautiful! And sound nice to have some stories along with the recipes. Never used a cookbook before, but I would give this one a chance!

  9. So, I’ve actually started making pies and have been on the hunt for as many pie cookbooks as possible. Thanks for the recommendation.

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