The Prisoner of Paradise by Rob Samborn - Storied Conversation


  1. Thank you for sharing your review of this story and the author’s bio and book details, it sounds like a thrilling read and I am adding it to my TBR pile

  2. This book sounds so exciting and one that I know I would love. Thanks for the great review it makes me want to read it even more now.

  3. The Prisoner of Paradise sounds like a great mystery that I might enjoy, thanks for sharing your review and the excerpt and have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Oh wow! This sounds like a really interesting read – out of my norm too!

    Thank you for the recommendation and review

  5. Love the mix of history, foreign location and thriller to boot. It’s nice to learn things about the world even though it’s fiction.

  6. I hadn’t heard of this book or author, but after reading the review I’m very excited to read this.

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