1. I have read a number of the hate to love type romances. Most are pretty good. This one sounds like a decent read.

  2. I love enemies to lovers especially when there is banter. I have this book on my kindle and will get to it right away!

  3. This books sounds like a crazy love , romance and a splash of can it happen or even should it happen.. Either way, sounds like something I would read LOL.

  4. “‘Learn how to take a joke…’” Yeah, he’d definitely start out on my bad side, too!
    This book sounds good, as does the whole series! I’m enjoying the covers’ tag lines as well. 🙂

  5. I am definitely going to read this book after all of the holiday madness calms down. I always like to sit and read a good book to relax and this sounds like a really good book.

  6. This one sounds like a good read. The characters seem to have that I hate you/I love you thing going on, which is usually interesting.

  7. A gorgeous cover and an intriguing synopsis, I love the enemies to lovers trope and this story sounds like an awesome read. Thank you for sharing your awesome review!

  8. The Second We Met sounds like a great romance to read, thanks for sharing your review and have a wonderful day!

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