1. I would totally love to drink coffee but I don’t like the taste of it but I love the smell of it. I had so idea of the benefits of drinking it.

  2. I like coffee – it’s a treat – but I don’t need to have it every day. The next time I feel the need to treat myself, I will remember this post. 🙂☕️

  3. Wow, I love coffee! I didn’t know all the good benefits of coffee. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I usually think of coffee as bad. Nice to hear about the fitness benefits. I usually have one during my morning walks.

  5. I love coffee but too much makes me jittery (a full cup) I am one of those mostly creamer and a dab of coffee. I like it hot or cold though. It is great in the morning.

  6. I love coffee, and I love that I now know so many benefits for drinking it! My favorite is knowing that there’s scientific backing for being able to perform longer at a physical activity. I had always thought that was the case in my own practice, but now it’s confirmed!

  7. I’m happy to hear it has so many health benefits because I love drinking it! 🙂 I try to make sure I only have a moderate amount each day.

  8. This is good to hear, I love drinking coffee. I do not like all coffee but I love having a warm cup on a cool day.

  9. I had no idea coffee was good for the heart. I’m going to drink more, lol. Thanks for posting!

  10. I do not like coffee. Don’t even like mocha flavoring. I’ll have to find ways to get the benefits of coffee without coffee.

  11. YEAH!! Love it when something I already do and like turns out to be good for me. I drink a couple of cups almost everyday.

  12. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been trying to get my friends that don’t drink coffee to try drinking it because of the benefits.

  13. I wouldn’t stop drinking it even if it was alleged to be Bad. Smells soooo good, tastes so good, really gets the day going and revives later in the day…it HAS to be good for you, lol

  14. I was not aware of some of these benefits, especially the one that is great for your fitness goals. I drink a lot of iced coffee, so, this article makes me feel good!

  15. Thanks for sharing good to know that coffee is not all bad. I am not a huge coffee drinking but here and there.

  16. I especially appreciate that it helps prevent certain types of cancer. I am a lifelong drinker and love my morning coffee.

  17. I had no idea coffee had so many positive benefits. I will now feel better about having my extra cup of coffee.

  18. I’m a tea drinker & don’t drink coffee, but I love learning new facts & had no idea about these health benefits – especially the antioxidants & cancer risk reduction!

  19. I didn’t start drinking coffee regularly until 7 years ago when I got a Keurig. Now I drink it daily. But I probably defeat the purpose of it being healthy by adding cream & sugar. I have cut back 🙂 But I’m trying to find different/healthier alternatives.

  20. I love that those who drank up to 3-5 cups a day had 40% less calcium. I’m on my 2nd cup this morning and I enjoy 3-5 cups a day so nice to know how good it is for you.

  21. This is really interesting! I had no idea that coffee is that beneficial! I really appreciate the info and can’t wait to share it with hubby.

  22. Good to know all of the benefits of drinking coffee.
    Honestly I can’t get my morning started without a cup of coffee or two.

  23. Coffee is definitely one of my favorite things. It’s always something I can look forward to every morning, so it’s nice to know there are so many benefits from it!

  24. I like coffee and knew that there were health benefits but I only specifically knew that it has antioxidants. It is nice to know of all the other great benefits as well.

  25. Interesting info! I really enjoy learning about the health benefits of various foods. I’ll note that I have ADHD, and after the (very brief) initial “hyper” effect of drinking coffee I get an effect similar to taking Adderall— calm and quiet. Same sort of neurochemistry.

  26. I’ve never been a hot drinks lover but I suppose the chilled coffees work just as well, lol. I’d go for those.

  27. I go to bed thinking about my morning coffee. I like having a black coffee in the morning everyday, and a cheeky latte on rough days – it really boosts me up.

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