1. That was the most gruesome murders you ever heard about killing your father and stepmother.

  2. I have been reading about Lizzie Borden for years. I watched the movie with Elizabeth Montgomery and the other movie with Christine Ricci. I would love to go visit that house. I wouldn’t sleep there though.

  3. I’ve often wondered if she really did murder her parents. I hope this gives me the answer.

  4. I love true crime and especially when an old case is covered like in this book. Lizzie Borden is one of those long lasting and very interesting cases that I love. This book is definitely on my to be read list!

  5. My husband spent a night in the house. Too creepy for me, but he loves that sort of thing. He would love this book!

  6. Thanks for the awesome review! I’d been on the fence about taking the time to read this book, but I’m definitely convinced now!

  7. It’s amazing how this story continues to fascinate. Like that the book is based mostly on the facts of the case. The movie with Elizabeth Montgomery was quite compelling also.

  8. If this trial was in modern times, it would have been so much easier to know one way or another. I find it interesting it is still being written about and has a following. I would read ths though.

  9. I believe one psychic’s version of events: Lizzy Bordon did kill her parents, but she was also sexually abused by her father. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I’ve watched quite a few shows and such going into detail about Lizzie Borden and found them very interesting. I always thought it was a cut and dry case, probably from knowing the rhyme from when I was young. As true crime became more popular I found this case especially interesting. I definitely think this will be my next read.

  11. True crime is usually a little grisly for my taste, but I do like reading about history. I remember Lizzie Borden from the rhyme. I’ll try this book.

  12. I love true stories, and this is one that would interest me, more facts than narrative story. I didn’t know much about this, so it would be mostly all new to me!

  13. The Trial of Lizzie Borden sounds like an interesting read, thanks for sharing your review and have a terrific week!

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