1. This sounds like a great book. I love second chance romances too, especially when cheating isn’t the reason a second chance is needed.

  2. Thank you for reviewing this book. The cover is great and it sounds like an enjoyable read. Best wishes on the new release.

  3. I am also a sucker for second chances romance. This looks like a good read for the long Winter nights here. The plot is intriguing.

  4. I actually just started getting into romance novels and this one sounds really good . Thanks for the review .

  5. I love a complicated love story and this one sounds super good and twisted I can’t wait to read it and I love the cover too.

  6. One of my favorite troupes is sibling’s best friends, I love excitement of the sibling finding out. I love Tia Louise this read is moving up on my TBR pile.

  7. Taron sounds hot, and this brings back those days of young romance, and all those ups and downs, and wondering and hoping. WOW!

  8. I was interested when I found out the lead character’s name is Taron. That is a favorite of mine.

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