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  1. I read many different genres but my favorites are contemporary and paranormal romance, romantic suspense and science fiction so any reviews or recommendations of stories from those genres I would love to see featured here on Storied Conversations. As always, Thank so much for the awesome giveaway!

    1. I enjoy romances, thrillers, mysteries, fiction books with a dog or cat on the cover. Also like cookbooks for healthy eating that include nutritional info!

  2. I love to read! I am a voracious and quick reader. I love most books romance: dark and paranormal are my favorites. However,r I love reading reviews of all fiction books, as I’ve found new books and authors that way!

  3. i’m here for my wife. Shes always on the lookout for something new. I keep an eye out as well. Her favorite author is Anne MCcaffrey…and others of a similar style

  4. I love paranormal romance and lots of other romance so for the most part, I’m good with that, but I read lots of urban fantasy as well so maybe some of those would be great! I am looking forward to forward to a bright future with Storied Conversation and all the books your introduce me to! Thanks for sharing with me and have a spectacular day!

  5. I’ve been wanting to read Three Sisters by Heather Morris. I like to read historial fiction, biographies, health and nutrition books, etc.

  6. I would love to discuss books about women’s issues such as body image, cultural expectations, etc. I would also love to see Christian reads!

  7. I’m a huge true crime, crime fiction, and mystery/psychological thriller fan. My favorite author is James Patterson.

  8. Historical fiction and popular fiction from all genres would be great things to cover. So many options to wade through to find quality items in every genre.

  9. I’m interested in books by and about women, such as Sarah Polley’s new release, Run Towards the Danger: Confrontations with a Body of Memory.

  10. Gosh… I haven’t read any non-fiction in so long. I like mystery, sci-fi, and humor personally

  11. Just a heads up, there is a small typo in the “chance to win” text. Btw, I know some great fantasy fiction authors!

  12. Would love to see non-fiction more! I don’t know how to describe the genre but I recently read Being Mortal by Atul Gawande and it was absolutely incredible. I hope to find more books like that and have a lot of discussions about them!

  13. Hello there have you read any good self help books? I’ve heard a lot about “Atomic Habits”. Thanks!

  14. I’m really into mysteries, historical fiction and biographies. Non fiction is also a guilty pleasure!

  15. I love (clean) romance, non-fiction, thrillers, and general fiction! I’m kind of burnt out on historical fiction – especially WWII – seems like a zillion books about that.

  16. I love reading about gardening and tips and tricks on how to do it better and produce more veggies!!

  17. I just love True Crime. I have read almost everyone in our public library. I am a big fan of Ann Rule, may she rest in peace.

  18. I love comedies, mainly because I need to laugh! Especially with how crazy the world is right now. I think we all need to smile and laugh, so I’d love to see more of this. I also love a good romance!

  19. ***I made an error on the rafflecopter today for this giveaway. I am working on a new computer and things got messed up. I commented here today on this non giveaway post as heather – One to Keep by Lexi Blake | Book Review

  20. I just listened to a few of the books from the graveyard queen series by Amanda Stevens. I really love the series but am not sure what genre it really is. Definitely paranormal with a love story but with a lot of mystery maybe? I also love autobiographies, I am reading Katie Couric’s right now.

  21. Books are a staple in our house we have three huge readers here! 1000 would keep us in good reading for quite some time! I love many different genres.

  22. I love to read a variety of books. I lean more towards mystery, crime, and spy books. I also like to read young adult books that my nieces and nephews are reading so I can talk to them about the books.

  23. I have eclectic tastes in reading, however paranormal romance or paranormal suspense are particular faves,

  24. I really like anything with a mystery/thriller element so it would be great to see those types of stories.

    (Thank you for the chance to win!)

  25. Lately I’ve been into historical romance! I love all genres though and i love your blog! Thank you for this amazing opportunity and good luck everyone!

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