1. My favorite reads anytime are dystopian and climate change books with WWII fiction and nonfiction a close second.

  2. I love to read holiday romance this time of year and romantic suspense set in Alaska, Canada or any of the northern US states that receive a lot of snow

  3. i have not been reeading as much as a i want to, but i want to read the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime

  4. I love to read a good mystery in the winter. Something with twists and turns and keeps me guessing along the way.

  5. Normally, I love fantasy reads, especially ones that also take place in the normal world howver this year I am rekindling my viking interests and looking for reads about them

  6. I like reading mysteries. I also enjoy reading books about summer and the beach to escape the dreary cold of winter.

  7. Huh, never thought about if I am particular in having seasonal reads. I would have to say no though, I love reading anything and everything year round 🙂

  8. slice of life books are usually my go to, not just for winter, but for all times of the year! i’m especially drawn to them if they feature lgbt characters 🙂

  9. What are your favorite winter reads? A good ole murder mystery – I like solving problems and sometimes can figure out who the bad guy is before the end of the book…..sometimes.

  10. I have very eclectic taste in reading. I like to read all kinds of different things. I don’t stick to any particular genre in any particular season.

  11. While I will read anything in winter, I do get a special joy reading books set around the time of year I’m reading it.

    I recently read, and loved, unabridged ‘A Christmas Carol’, and a few years ago I got so much joy out of reading ‘Hercule Poirot’s Christmas’ the week it is set. Plus some other series and authors I read have a Christmas story or two. Next Christmas I’ll probably read Louisa May Alcott’s Christmas anthology. Or a Christmas Nero Wolfe I have.

    Does anyone have any New Years, or not especially romancey Valentine’s books to recommend? Or Hannukkah or Kwanzaa?

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