Why Do you Pick A Book- Storied Conversation


  1. I was trying to figure this out yesterday when my daughter asked me how I picked one… I look at the title, the cover and read the back but it seems to be mostly instinct. I do pick some really bad ones but mostly there’s something in the title and the summary that makes me pick one.

    Mishelle G

  2. I usually pick a book based on what genre it is. However, I don’t really tend to stick to one genre. It just depends on my mood!

  3. I pick the book if the premise is interesting to me, especially if it is unique and doesn’t sound like anything I’ve read before.

  4. I love finding quirky mysteries, and I love a play on words. One book I read recently was about a chef turned detective and it was called “S’more Murder”. I love the play on words there!

  5. I pick a book with subject that I am interested in.
    Or especially if it is a mystery with a favorite author of mine.

  6. I think the main reason I pick a book is the genre I love western romance books the best. Then I also pick authors that I have read before and liked. The cover is super important to me I like a tasteful cover with a hot guy on it.

  7. I pick books by what friends and family recommend to me. I also sometime read book reviews or choose by reading the dust jacket.

  8. My favorite authors, the subject of the book and what i read about the story from reviews on the inside covers.

  9. The reasons I pick a book is if it’s my favorite genre (psychological thriller) and if I like the cover (I know that’s wrong) and if it got great reviews. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I choose books based on a combination of things, including online reviews, friend recommendations and the book description!

  11. It’ a combo of the blurb and the cover…. but if the blurb is amazing and cover is so-so or bad, I’ll still read it 🙂

  12. Genre,, title, cover art, blurb are all important, but the quality of the writing tells me which book to read and which one not to spend time on.

  13. I guess it kind of depends on what my mood is. I love to read things that uplift me or make me laugh! I love inspirational books, but I also have a dark sense of humor. That’s me in a nutshell!

  14. I will pick a book depending on the subject matter,title,artwork on the cover,if I like the genre, or if a friend recommended it.

  15. I pick a book if I think the characters are relatable and if I think I can learn something from the book. One of the reason I love historical fiction!

  16. The first thing is the cover and if it catches my attention. Next is the summary of the story and if it is unique.

  17. I pick a book for many reasons – could be the cover caught my eye, I am interested in reading something by the author. Sometimes the title grabs me.

  18. I usually pick a book from authors that I have previously read. I also select new authors based on the recommendations of family and friends

  19. I pick out a book if I like the author, series, or description on the back of the book. Sometimes I browse by genre.

  20. I usually pick a book based on the summary. If it’s a favorite author, I may give it a shot even if the summary doesn’t catch my eye.

  21. A gorgeous book cover will always draw my attention, usually a scene depicting the great outdoors, not just an awesome six-pack on a handsome cover model! There are several authors that I love and will just buy their latest book regardless of any other factors, and I often buy books from my favorite tropes based on the blurb

  22. Either the blurb grabs my attention or it doesn’t. I gravitate towards heavy, dark, taboo topics and themes. I like the sci-fi, horror, mystery, thriller and supernatural genres but don’t much care for fantasy. Angsty, hurt-comfort romances are what I seek out most of the time. Love me some magical realism à la Haruki Murakami and dark humor.

  23. I read all kinds of things so there are different reasons I choose a book. I choose books based on my interests, but also if they are recommended by someone I respect.

  24. The cover and blurb are the two main things that draw me. I will search for other books by my favorite author first.

  25. I will pick a book by an author I’m familiar with first over others but, most of the time its word of mouth from friends or just reading the back cover.

  26. I’m first attracted to a book by its cover design, colors, and font. Then, I read the inside cover to see if the story pulls me in.

  27. I usually choose a book based on the book blurb, reviews and cover. I, also, often read books written by my favorite authors.

  28. I pick a book if I’ve read other books by the same author and loved them. Of if a friend read a book and loved it, I will read it.

  29. I have to have a book at all times! I use to spend hours browsing the bookstores and reading the first couple of pages of books that looked good to make my selection, Now I mostly use Goodreads and I hard about books that I like there. Of course when I love one, I check out what else that author has to offer,

  30. I choose a book many times by reviews so I can read something about it before choosing it to buy. I like certain types so I look for them like a great mystery.

  31. I look at the cover and read the synopsis on the back, and if it looks good to me I read it. I also like getting recommendations from people, be it face to face or on social media.

  32. Well aside from the cover as the obvious first draw, it’s if the blurb sounds good. If it’s a favorite author then it’s an automatic must read for me.

  33. When considering my family, friends and freelance writing career (I write both for clients and am now spending time on my own writing), any free time I have has to be carefully filled. I want a book where I can become completely lost in the story and escape from the world for a while in addition to being entertained. John Steinbeck is my favorite author exactly for that reason. His descriptive writing is so detailed that I can imagine myself in the story while seeing and feeling the same things as his characters. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  34. Various reasons come into play for me when choosing a book to read. They include: the topic or genre; the title; the description; the author; reviews; recommendations; the cover; received as a gift; required for class, study or book club; my mood; part of a series; I enjoyed seeing a movie interpretation; preview of book intrigued me; it’s a classic; it received a medal or award.

  35. My first way I will always pick a book is if it’s by one of my favorite authors I haven’t read. I tend to stick to my preferred genre if it’s an unknown author, for example I wouldn’t choose a historical romance but I would always be open to a pnr or thriller. While casually shopping I definitely gravitate towards certain covers that stand out.

  36. I am drawn in by covers but usually flip to a random page to read a paragraph to see if the writing is any good. If not, it gets put back and the search continues.

  37. I am the ultimate mood reader. Honestly. I have to read whatever I’m in the mood for otherwise I’m just not gonna be into the book.

  38. If I’m just browsing, then the cover does have to catch my attention.
    I pay attention to authors I love already and their new work.
    I read a lot of book reviews.
    I have to find the summary intriguing overall though!


  39. For new authors, I read the blurb and a couple of reviews if the cover catches my eye and then I decide if I want to read it.
    For authors whose books I read before the cover matters less and I check the blurb,

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